Thursday, 18 July 2013

Viacode MP Wiki - holy grail of SCOM management packs and overrides

I came across Viacode's management pack wiki today. What an awesome SCOM / Operations manager resource.

Most common management packs are inventoried here with diagrams of class structure (which you can drill down on!), downloadable inventory of the whole managmenet pack and detailed wiki pages for each rule and overrideable property.

Even better is the MP tuner tool which is the tool you always wanted to bulk manage overrides in your SCOM 2007 or 2012.

watch this video and you will see how amazing it truly is! You can even connect it directrly via SQL to the ops manager database for optimal speed and efficiency.

Microsoft why isn't this tool come as standard part of Operations Manager 2012. A 3rd party has built the interface you never did to make overrides manageable!

MP Tuner is a productivity tool that makes SCOM Operations Manager a much better monitoring solution.
  • Override Table. Filterable, sortable and editable grid of existing overrides.
  • Effective Table. Filterable, sortable and editable grid of overrideable parameters’ effective values.
  • Parameter Map. One view editable representation of a parameter overrides for the entire data center.
  • Override Set. Editable set of override values that can be applied to object, class, group or entire data center.
  • Integration with MP Wiki