Wednesday, 19 March 2014

SCOM Query to Show All Tasks Defined By Management Pack and Target Class

We've been looking at making better use of the built in tasks in SCOM recently. One of the biggest issues is that there are lots of tasks there but users don't realise they even exist because unless the select an object of the correct target class the pre-defined tasks are effectively invisible.

A common example is users select a windows computer object (which has one set of tasks) when if they selected a windows server operating system class object (in say the windows server MP view) htey will get a totally different set of possible tasks.

So I wrote this SQL query to dump out a list of all the tasks defined in your SCOM operations database (not the datawarehouse DB!).

Armed with this list you can easily find out what tasks exist and what target class you need to select to be able to execute them. Then using 'discovered inventory' you can specifically target a class of object to get the tasks you want (even if you don't know a canned view that targets objects of that type.)

SELECT     dbo.TaskView.Id, dbo.TaskView.Name, dbo.TaskView.DisplayName, dbo.TaskView.Description, dbo.TaskView.Category,
                      dbo.ManagedType.TypeName AS TargetClassName, dbo.TaskView.Enabled, dbo.TaskView.Timeout, dbo.TaskView.TimeAdded,
                      dbo.ManagementPack.MPName, dbo.ManagementPack.MPFriendlyName AS MPFirendlyName
FROM         dbo.TaskView LEFT OUTER JOIN
                      dbo.ManagementPack ON dbo.TaskView.ManagementPackId = dbo.ManagementPack.ManagementPackId LEFT OUTER JOIN
                      dbo.ManagedType ON dbo.TaskView.TargetMonitoringClassId = dbo.ManagedType.ManagedTypeId
ORDER BY dbo.TaskView.DisplayName

Thursday, 13 March 2014

SCOM run as profile SSID in hex

it took me along time to find this post about how to convert a hex SSID value in a scom event to something where I could figure out what user was causing the problem.

reposting here so I can find it again next time!